Indian based company Holidify has released a series of images illustrating the main differences between a tourist and a traveller. It may sound similar but the fact is that people prefer to spent their holiday differently. Check the images below, which group do you belong to? So what do you think? Do you agree?… Read More

Lyon By Night

Lyon Guide What to See, Eat and Do Many argue that Paris is not at all French – instead using Parisiene to describe France’s largest and most cosmopolitan city – and those same people would no doubt urge you to head south of Paris in search of the true France… Read More

10 cities to visit in 2015

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Q&A- Johann Thorsson, Head of Marketing

Johann Thorsson Head of Marketing at discusses the success of Dohop, strategy for growth and gives his opinion on SEO vs Paid Search… Q: How was the name Dohop chosen? What does it mean to you? Johann Thorsson:┬áDohop was chosen because we needed a unique name, one for which the domains (.com .se .ru)… Read More


How to arrange your holiday in Italy online Italy is one of the world top destinations for holidays, tourism, sightseeing, spa recreation and romantic trips with the beloved person. For being so universal and so admired by people across the entire globe regardless their age, status or interest, Italy has got the informal reward for… Read More